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5 recipes using Greek yogurt

April 26, 2015

Regular readers of my blog or instagram will already appreciate my love for greek yogurt as not only do I eat it regularly for breakfast but it also features in some of the recipes on my site. Here I have shared 5 recipes using Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt has really made a name for itself over the last couple of years and has featured in many a health instagram account! Why? Well it’s high protein content means it’s great for anyone working out and looking for a quick, natural protein fix.

One point about this, it’s so important to buy greek yogurt, not greek-style yogurt. You will only get the high protein benefits with actual greek yogurt. Greek-style yogurt is just normal yogurt made a little thicker. My favourite brand is Fage, which is widely available in the UK. It comes in nice big tubes and I normally empty it into an air tight container once I’ve opened it.

It’s a great healthy alternative to something like plain yogurt or cream as its fat free. I usually try it in place of these ingredients when I’m making recipes.


Recipe here.

Adding Greek yogurt to your pancakes gives you a nice protein boost in the morning. You can do this by adding a dollop of yogurt on top of your pancake as a substitute for maple syrup (only joking NOTHING substitutes maple syrup, add some maple syrup too obviously) but why not add it to your pancake batter too.


Recipe here.

Greek yogurt is great in savoury recipes too and I often use it as a replacement for cream. The Greek yogurt in this easy peasy pea puree adds a delicious tanginess. This recipe is delicious spreads on crusty bread or with some breaded fish.


Recipe here.

A lot of recipes often call for yogurt in cake. You can easily substitute it for Greek yogurt to up the protein content. Makes the cake instantly healthy, right? No?

You can also experiment with reducing the butter content in your favourite cake recipe and replacing it with some Greek yogurt. Using yogurt in cakes helps make it beautifully moist.


Recipe here.

Similar to the pea puree this recipe substitutes cream yogurt for the high fat cream cheese. Yes, you could use low fat alternatives but these often have hidden nasties lurking so why not just use some delicious, fat free Greek yogurt instead? Win-win!


Recipe here.

Also know as overnight oats, is particular recipe uses banana to add flavour and sweetness. Once your oats are done soaking, the Greek yogurt adds a lovely cool, creaminess, perfect for a summer morning breakfast.

Of course you can just enjoy Greek yogurt on its one or with some fruit and granola. Why not make your own your own granola such as this super seed and nut granola.

As an aside I recently took part in a competition run by Fage and won their amazing cookbook. It features so great recipes and it’s definitely worth checking out (it was not a requirement of the competition to share this, I just really think it’s a great cookbook).

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  • PatisserieMakesPerfect

    A great round up Laura. I love Greek yoghurt too, a small pot of that and a cereal bar is my go to breakfast when I’m at work. However I love bircher muesli and it’s great on porridge with banana and maple syrup.

    The cake looks wonderful, I’ll have to give it a try.