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Asian smoked salmon salad

April 23, 2015

You know when you get an idea for a recipe in your head. That’s what happened here. You’re never quite sure if it’s going to work. Will the flavours go together? Will it work outside your head? Well here it did. I’ve mentioned several times that I try to eat seasonally and I feel this recipe encompasses so many seasonal elements, maybe that’s why everything works so well together?

Also, this recipe uses the traditional Asian flavour palette of sweet, salt and sour from the oranges, soy sauce and lime juice respectively. A delicious flavour combination.

I almost hesitated to share this recipe, I sometimes think that with a lot of my salad recipes. Do they even count as recipes? However after trying this one out in real life (and not only did it work, but it blew my socks of worked!) and then making it several more times I knew I had to share as part of my month focusing on Scottish salmon.

Salmon is probably my favourite source of protein. I absolutely love fish and I find it to be the most accessible, versatile and easily available in Scotland. Whether in the fillet form or here in smoked form it’s so tasty and a great source of Omega 3, just what I need this month while studying for my exams!

Also, how pretty are blood oranges? You should be able to find them quite easily in the shops at this time of the year but, if not, normal oranges are just as delicious. You never know how red they will be until you cut them open and this one was particularly red which contrasted beautifully with the salmon.

Asian smoked salmon salad
Serves 2
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  1. 80 grams smoked salmon
  2. 2 blood oranges
  3. 100 grams watercress leaves
  4. Juice of 1 lime
  5. 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  6. Small handful of sprouts
  1. Make the dressing by placing the lime juice and soy sauce in a bowl and whisk well. Tear up some watercress leaves and toss with half the dressing. Prepare the blood oranges up cutting the top and bottom off and slicing the skin off. Be sure to take as much of the pith (the white bit) off as possible as it can taste bitter.
  2. Serve the watercress on a plate topped with the smoked salmon and slices of blood orange with the remaining dressing and some sprouts.
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