Christmas food gifts

Being a foodie, I love to spread my joy of food to others by giving a few food gifts every Christmas.  Double benefit when I get to make them myself!

Simply make some goodies, either sweet or savory.  Pop in little cellophane bags, tie with a ribbon and pop in a hamper or a gift bag.  So easy.

Below are the links to some recipes to get you started.  I’ve also set out the most efficient way of making these three goodies.  Each recipe can easily be increased to make mulitple batches and everything can be completed over the course of one day.

Earl grey shortbread, chocolate truffles, white chocolate and cranberry cookies

First make the chocolate truffles as these need the longest in the fridge.  Next make the earl grey shortbread, as again this requires some fridge time.  Finally make the white chocolate and cranberry cookies and bake these while the others are in the fridge.  Once the cookies are done, bake the shortbread and finally make up the truffles.


  • Sheila Myjo

    Those look so pretty! Your giftees must have been very pleased to see so many treates.

    I’m intrigued by the Earl Grey shortbread. I make Earl Grey ice cream, and it’s a delightful flavor for sweets.

    • Sheila Myjo

      Er, *treats

    • Laura

      Thanks! They did!

      The earl grey shortbread is really good. I love making it with lavender too! I want to try experimenting with other flavours like rosemary or chai :)

      • Sheila Myjo

        Chai would be lovely.