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Ox & Finch, Glasgow

May 17, 2015

CB and I are slowly making our way through our list of restaurants to try in Glasgow. After an amazing meal at The Gannet we settled on Ox & Finch as our place to go the night I finished my exams.

It was a beautiful spring evening so we decided to walk through the park. It felt like we were on holiday being able to walk to and from the restaurant as it was so warm.

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Naturally I had to stop to take some pictures of my favourite blossom trees.

Ox & Finch is another one of these trendy restaurants offering small plates. Like The Gannet it also has a Michelin Bib Gourmand and considering it’s still relatively new it’s caused quite a stir since landing on the Finneston Strip. Here’s what we ordered.

Buffalo mozzarella, fig, mint, prosciutto and eight-year-aged balsamic
Our first dish to arrive. It was beautifully presented and full of flavour. The mozzarella, which was a very generous portion size, was really soft and creamy and the mint and balsamic dressing really pulled all of the flavours together.

Smoked haddock brandade, poached free-range egg, capers and cornichons
An interesting dish that is traditionally made with salt cod and potato was switched up with some smoked haddock. I love smoked haddocak and I imagine this was more interesting than the traditional salt cod used in this dish.

Venison, pancetta and neep scotch pie
This was definitely our favourite dish. Melt in the mouth vension, in a rich gravy served with a little mini pie. I say mini but it was a really good sized portion. The venison was beautifully cooked and the pancetta added a lovely smoky flavour to the dish.

Seared scallops, Ramsay’s black pudding, cauliflower and cider vinaigrette
I find it hard to pass up any scallop dish and this one did not disappoint. While it was not Stornoway black pudding it was the next best thing, perfectly cooked, it was crispy on the outside and crumbly in the middle. The cauliflower was pureed and the cider vinaiegrette had soaked into the scallops and black pudding giving the whole dish a delicious sharp flavour.

Rabbit, ham hock, foie gras and pistachio terrine with gingerbread and pear
I wasn’t sure how the gingerbread would work in this dish or even what for it would be in, but sure enough it was little bits of gingerbread. With the gamy terrine and sweet pear it worked really well and wasn’t too overpowering.

After all this we were feeling pretty full but since the desserts sounded so good we decided to share one. We went with the lemon and earl grey baked alaska. The meringue was so soft and large, which is how all meringues should be, no? While the tart was delicious, with little bits of candied lemon and a fresh and zesty lemon sorbet, the earl grey flavour didn’t really appear. Trust me, we ate the whole thing just to check! Still a delicious desert all the same.

We ordered 5 dishes in total along with chips, a dessert, a soft drink and a glass of wine and it came to around £60. Very reasonable for the quality of food and the thought that goes into each dish.

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