Panettone French toast


Got plans for the weekend? You do now! This is THE brunch. Yes it’s totally indulgent but that’s what brunch is about right?


Serve it with some delicious fresh fruit, a drizzle of maple syrup or honey and you have the perfect brunch.


I have used Panettone here as we had lots left over from Christmas. However this would work just as well with brioche or your favourite bread for French toast.



In a shallow baking dish whisk 1 egg, 50 ml of milk, a pinch of cinnamon and a tablespoon of sugar. Soak the bread for a minute on either side and place in a hot, buttered pan. Turning when browned.

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  • Rebecca Ellis

    These look scrumptious! can’t wait to try and make these myself :) x

    • Laura

      Thanks! You definitely should, so easy :) x

  • Charlotte

    When I saw the picture of this in my linkup I went “ooooh”. It look so yummy. The only problem is I haven’t got any Panettone left over from Christmas. Perhaps I’ll have to bake one specially! Either that or I’ll have to make it with regular bread (I guess that’ll work almost as well). I love the idea of adding cinnamon.

    Thanks for linking up to #FoodYearLinkup.

    • Laura

      Thanks! It would definitely be just as delicious with normal bread, I love brioche too! The cinnamon really makes it so tasty, but I just like adding cinnamon to anything sweet!