Taste Scotland

2015 has been named as Scotland’s year of food and drink, a government led initiative called Taste Scotland to help promote the use of Scottish produce.

All too often I go to buy food and I’m disappointed to see items being sold that have been shipped from half way around the world. Especially items that could be grown in this country. Growing and eating locally helps creat jobs, boost the economy and protects the enviroment.

I feel eating seasonally goes hand in hand with eating locally. You will note that a lot of the recipes I post here tend to use seasonly produce. However I thought I would take this one step further and start a monthly series highlighting a Scottish food that’s available and in season, and include some recipes. I am by no way an expert on the subject but I see it as a learning experience for me and hopefully you will be inspired too.

You can find out more information on Scotland’s year of food and drink on the Visit Scotland website. Share your stories using #TasteScotland on twitter.


January: venison – slow cook venison raguseared venison salad
February: leeks – leek and mushroom tartsautéed leeks
March: watercress – watercress and walnut pestoapple, black pudding and watercress salad