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Winter citrus salad

January 5, 2015

I’m sure I’m not the who feels they have overindulged this Christmas. I try to keep within my limits but even though I stick to normal portions the amount of eating out and rich foods always ends up too much.

So, for my first week back to work I knew I wanted something light I could enjoy for lunch. As well as making this salad I have also booked four gym classes, pretty sure after two weeks off I am going to regret it after class one!

Salads do not have to be boring and certainly do not have to be 90% lettuce leaves, a few chopped tomatoes and some cucumber. In fact, you will never see me have iceberg lettuce, I hate the stuff! Every meal should be enjoyable, and most importantly it should be filling. Instead swap in some spinach, which is packed full of iron, and some watercress or rocket, which has a delicious pepper flavour. Make sure you get some protein in there and fill your salad with delicious flavours, textures and vitamins. If you want to make this a bit more filling, then enjoy with a portion of quinoa or some boiled new potatoes, which is what I did.

I try to make my salads seasonal. This salad is wintery but fresh and uses clementines, which are delicious this time of year, pomegranate seeds a delicious maple syrup and cinnamon dressing.

You could easily serve this salad warm but for dinner. But as I ended up packing this for work (the life of a food blogger seems to mean more dishes, well it wouldn’t look as nice if I have photographed it in my Tupperware), I put the dressing in a little dish so I could pour it over just before eating. Nothing worse than soggy salad leaves!

Place salad leave on a plate (I used a mix of spinach and watercress). Top with grilled chicken (serve hot or cold), clementine segments, pomegranate seeds and goats cheese. For the dressing (per person) mix the juice of half a lime, 1 tablespoon maple syrup and a small pinch of cinnamon.

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