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World gin day and English country garden cocktail

June 11, 2015

Saturday 13th June is world gin day. Not that I need an excuse to drink some gin but it’s certainly a good one! With the beautiful weather, why not enjoy the weekend with this delicious, summery, gin based English country garden cocktail.

Fist I want to mention the amazing experince I had recently at 56 North in Edinburgh. For Mother’s Day I bought two vouchers for their gin masterclass so I could take my mum. We had a great time, sampling 8 gins as well as tucking into sandwiches and cakes. The masterclass was 2 hours and was taken by James at 56 North. It was so much more than I expected as James was so informative and knowledgable. Not just on the tastes, tonics and garnishes to mix with each gin but also on the history of some of the various brands. For example the reason Diageo (owner of Tanqueray) have a large bottling plant in Fife is because during the second world war when London was being bombed, they looked to move north to escape the Blitz. The settled on Fife, moved everything up there and never looked back!

I won’t share any other details as it’s really worth to.

If you don’t manage to get along to the masterclass (it does book up quickly) make sure you head to 56 North for a drink. They have a whoping 200 gins and also have some own brand gins. The staff are all incredibly knowledgeable about the different gins so can definitely recommend you something or mix up a cocktail if you aren’t a big gin fan. Side note, I always used to think I disliked gin before trying nice tonic and realising it was the tonic I didn’t like.

I made this cocktail last night having zipped away from work at 5pm on the dot to enjoy this amazing weather we are currently enjoying. As it’s never likely to last long we have to make the most of every oppotunity.

It seemed everyone else did too as we took a stroll through Kelvingrove Park and it was packed with people out enjoying the sunshine.

This is a great, refreshing gin-based cocktail, flavoured with elderflower and apple to conjour up smells and flavours from an English country garden. As well as mint and lime which may not be as commonly found in an English country garden but give this cocktail a lovely freshness.

Use your favourite gin in this, I love Caorunn as one of the botanicals is apple and so it works really well with the apple juice in this cocktail. Also, make sure you use a really good cloudy apple juice, not that horrible clear stuff! I have a deep fondness for Copella as grew up drinking gallons of the stuff – probably not good for the teeth!

It tastes so good and if you enjoy one of these sitting outside on a warm day you certainly won’t be able to stick to just the one!

I also couldn’t resist picking up these beautiful flowers on my way home from work. I thought they looked really unusual (especially as I just picked them up at our local petrol station).

Gin events in Edinburgh:

  • Check out the gin masterclasses at 56 North, sample 8 gins in a two hour class with sandwiches and cakes. Also, head along to 56 North in during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to check out the Tanqueray secret gin garden. (more information)
  • The Scottish Juniper festival takes place in Summerhall, Edinburgh over on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of June, to sample gins and join the special events. (more information)
  • The Edinburgh Gin distillery, hidden beneath the old town in Edinburgh lies the Edinburgh gin distillery. Visit for a tour or even try your hand at making your own gin! (more information)
English country garden cocktail
Serves 1
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  1. 25ml gin
  2. 25ml St. Germain elderflower liqueur
  3. 2 springs of mint
  4. 1/2 a lime
  5. Ice
  6. Apple juice
  1. In a lage highball glass, place 1 spring of mint and 1/4 of the lime in the bottom. Using the end of a rolling pin, bash the mint and lime together. Fill the glass up with ice and add the gin, elderflower liqueur and top up withe apple juice.
  2. Garnish with the other sprig of mint and lime wedge.
  1. If you don't have St. Germain elderflower liqueur use elderflower cordial. This is also delicious as a non-alcholic version using elderflower cordial and omitting the gin.
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  • Charlotte Oates

    It’s funny that you said you thought you didn’t like gin and then realised it was the tonic as I’ve just finished writing a post and said something very similar. I always assumed the tonic was pretty tasteless (like water really) and was surprised at how much difference it makes.

    I’m also a huge fan of the gin and elderflower combination. The gp so well together.

    • http://agirlandherhome.com Laura @ a girl & her home

      I was the exact same, I assumed it would be tasteless but it can really alter the taste of the gin.

      It is delicious together, but I love everything elderflower flavoured!

  • http://southernexhilaration.com/ Caitlin @ SouthernExhilaration

    I had no idea there was a world gin day! I’m definitely going to have to try this recipe tomorrow! :)

    • http://agirlandherhome.com Laura @ a girl & her home

      To be honest I think of every Saturday as world gin day! :)