Rows 1 & 2: New York; Row 3: Paris, France; Row 4: Venice, Italy


SCOTLAND: You don’t have to travel far to travel and we are blessed with living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From the history in Edinburgh, to the wilderness of Glencoe and the mountains of the Cairngorms. 

PARIS: Without a doubt probably our favourite place to visit. I became hooked when I went as part of my architecture course and I got CB hooked when we went just after we got engaged – we have been back every year since. I love the romance, the food, the atmosphere. When we go now our favourite thing to do is just to wander the streets as if we lived there. 

ITALY: Probably one of the most picturesque countries. We have travelled over quite a bit of Italy and always want to go back. The food is definitely the main reason we love this country but we can’t forget the architecture and the lovely people. There is such a great diversity in Italy, from the calming lakes at the bottom of the Alps (Lake Orta is my favourite), the picturesque coastal towns and the large historic cities. CB also loves Italy due to a certain few sports car manufactures and the abundance of race tracks!