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Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre

April 28, 2015

Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre is a farm and wildlife centre located in Perthshire, just outside of the village of Comrie. With a wide variety of animals, handling and feeding experiences (for adults not just the kids) and a cafe, it’s a great day out for families.

While I never really had pets growing up, I absolutely love animals and nothing cheers me up from a bad day more than looking at some cute animal pictures on Pinterest. The number 1 spot has to go to red squirrels (us red heads have to stick together) pretty closely followed by lambs. When I saw the description on Auchingarrich’s website for handling and feeding experiences, and given the time of year, I dragged CB up in the hope of being able to see, dare I saw hold, a little lamb.

While there were no lambs to be found at Auchingarrich we did have a great day out and saw some other pretty cute animals.

I followed this peacock round rather obsessively in the vain hope that it would open its tail feathers. Clearly I wasn’t his type!

I think the Meerkats stole the show for me, they were so cute and a lot smaller than I imagined. One of the great things about Auchingarrich was how close you could get to some of the animals, you could get right up to the meerkats for example.

Of course nothing was closer than my encounter with a little chick. I told you there were handling experiences! These little guys had hatched a couple of weeks before and were the cutest little things. This guy was a male, you can tell by the little pale grey spot on the top of his head.

You can also walk slightly further out to get some pretty impressive views of Perthshire.

After all that walking and the excitement over the animals we were pretty hungry. Thankfully Auchingarrich have a really nice little cafe on site. You can order a selection of freshly made sandwiches and salads or homemade soup, all at very reasonable prices.

I had this delicious goats cheese salad with red onion and apple. Both the apple and the red onion were cooked which gave the dish a delicious sweetness and it really worked well with the goats cheese.

Auchingarrich is accessible only by car and is about an hours drive from Glasgow and Edinburgh. Tickets cost £8.25 for and adult and £6.75 for a child. More information on Auchingarrich can be found on their website.

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