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Konigssee, Germany

September 8, 2015

Konigssee, Germany

It was scheduled to be another overcast day but we were fully prepared with good walking shoes and an umbrella (something we did not have in Hallstatt!) as we headed off to Konigssee, Germany in the Berchtesgaden national park in southern Bavaria.

The park is only half an hour away from Salzburg and is a very easy drive and is well sign posted. Pulling into the small town of Konigssee you immediately approach a car park. Unlike a lot of other car parks in Austria and Germany, there is no barrier and you pay at the machine. There are three tariffs, 30 minutes, 90 minutes and a full day. Make sure you get a full day ticket (only €5) as by the time you walk to the dock, buy a ticket, wait to get on a boat etc you will definitely be longer than 90 minutes.

We headed off in the direction of Konigssee, a picturesque little village on the lake. It was already starting to get busy which made me a little anxious about our wait for the tickets. However we were served quickly and managed to get a boat straight away.

Our boat was pretty busy on the way down and we were last so we didn’t get the best seat. Each boat has a guide on board to give you a bit of information about the lake. While I appreciate we were in Germany it was a bit unfortunate that the whole of the tour was in German, especially as our guide was getting a lot of laughs so I’m sure it would have been good to understand.

However we were soon able to enjoy a treat that had no language barrier. Our boat slowed to a halt half way down the lake and our guide opened the little door on the boat. He knelt down and retrieved a trumpet from a box under his seat. Leaning out the boat he started to play a tune and stopped while the mountains echoed the same tune.

He continued playing a beautiful little tune with the mountains acting as a backing track. Apparently, the echo can be heard up to seven times.

Moving on further down the lake I noticed the guide left the door open so I went over to sit at the door. With views like this it was definitely the best seat in the house.

Konigssee, Germany

Pulling up to the first stop at St Bartholomew, the majority of our boat exited so we got to spread around the boat a little. We decided not to get off here. My main aim for this stop was to get some pictures of the church which we managed from the boat.

So on to the next stop, Saletalm, which is located right at the bottom of the lake.

The whole journey takes 1 hour each way and the scenery is just incredible. Anyway we hopped off at Saletalm, waved goodbye to our boat and onto headed onto the most amazing places have ever been… until next time.

Practical info

You can find out more about the boat timings around the lake here. It is important to note the last trip back, which is clearly mentioned when you buy your ticket and when you get off the boat, as there is no path around the lake. So unless you are prepared to swim back you need to be in the boat!

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