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New York City – Intrepid Museum and touring the Hudson River

July 7, 2015

New York City - Imperial War Museum and touring the Hudson river

Now after last week’s post where I shared my sneaky little Gossip Girl tour of New York City, I had to let the husband have one day (well half a day, marriage is about compromise after all!). So we headed for the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

We decided to skip the breakfast at the hotel this morning and head to a little diner I visited the first time I was in New York almost 10 years before. The Market Diner, an awesome fifties style diner serving pancakes and where you can picture them calling cups of coffee a cup of joe.

Again we were able to walk from our hotel as the diner was only 25 minutes away. One of the best things about walking is discovering things you might not have realised. Such as Carlos’ Bakery from Cake Boss!

The other benefit of walking is you can try kid yourself you are walking off all the food you are eating. Pre-breakfast cannoli? It would be rude not to!

It was actually incredible! I will caveat that we were somewhat good and shared one. Who am I kidding, right?

So on to the Market Diner. My dad discovered this the last time I was here with my family. It appears to be nothing special but it has that cool Americana vibe. I also remember, not long after that first visit, I was watching the move Sleepers (great movie) and suddenly jumped up as I saw the Market Diner. In my opinion that makes this place 10 times cooler!

Naturally I opted for the blueberry pancakes – they were everything you can imagine wiht the best maple syrup – while CB settled on an omelette.

After sufficiently fueling up we headed a couple of blocks further to the waterfront.

The Intrepid museum is located on Pier 86 on 46th street and is actually on the USS Intrepid, an aircraft carrier that was built during the second World War. General admission tickets into the museum cost $24 for an adult, you can also pay extra for tours and access to special exhibitions.

Normally I’m not a fan of mueseums but this wasn’t your average museum, it was so well laid out and contained some pretty cool historic airplanes. While I thought the museum was interesting it was definitely more for the husband, so I used it to practice my photography.

I have to say the staff at the museum where so great. A lot of them were veteran soliders and so not only were they helpful but they were also happy to share stories of when they served.

Rather helpfully the Circle Line cruises is only a couple of blocks down from the museum. Before heading into the museum we stopped of here to book afternoon tickets for the Liberty Cruise.

The Circle Line cruises offer many different types but we settled on the Liberty Cruise as it satisfied our two main objects, to see the city from the water and to see the Statue of Liberty. The Liberty Cruise doesn’t actually stop at the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island but just cruises past, this suited us fine and meant the whole tour only lasted 1 hour.

There are several eating places near the pier to eat so we tucked into some food while waiting for our alloted time. I was really keen to get there early to get a prime viewing spot.

However we didn’t have to as there were possible only 16 or so people on board.

As well as offering some pretty impressive views the tour was really informative. For example did you know the reason there are no skyscrapers in the Village and Soho areas is because the land on that part of the island is not firm enough to support them.

He also comically pointed out The Standard Hotel, scene of THAT Solange and Jay Z after the 2014 Met Gala which happened a week prior to our arrival!

Further down the bottom of the island you approach downtown New York. We had yet to visit that part so it was interesting to see the Freedom Tower from the water first. It certainly is pretty impressive.

Then we see it, the Statue of Liberty appearing in the distance. On the boat you get pretty close to the statue but not especailly close, it’s also a lot taller than I imagined. Hence I was glad to have my amazing new zoom lens to get these pictures.

Touring back up the Hudson River we passed the scene of the plane crash in 2009. It occured right outside the Circle Line pier and in fact they were some of the first responders on the scene. The Liberty Cruise costs $29 for an adult.

If you are thinking of doing several things in New York you may want to look into getting the City Pass. Costing $114 it’s a one ticket pass that gets you into several attractions as well as skipping the lines. You can either buy it online before you go or buy it at an attraction and it’s valid for 9 days after the first use.

However it’s worth doing a bit of research before hand as whether it’s a deal or not depends on what you want to do. For example we did the Top of the Rock, Intrepid museum and Circle Line cruises but buying tickets only cost $83 so a City Pass would actually have cost us more.

Walking back to the hotel we stopped of for a little Starbucks in Times Square.

Some how a Starbucks in America seems so much cooler doesn’t it?

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