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New York City – Upper New York & Central Park

June 30, 2015

On our second day in New York we headed up to the upper areas of New York, think the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side (if you are thinking of Gossip Girl you’re not wrong) and checked off lots of famous sites on the way.

First up, after breakfast in our hotel we headed up to the top deck to be greated by this incredible view. Not bad!

We decided just to walk so we could take in the surroundings, we didn’t want to miss anything being stuck on the metro, but also it’s definitely not as well laid out as London. We were only a couple of blocks away from the New York Public Libray, an beautiful building most famously known (at least to me) from The Day After Tomorrow.

No Jake Gyllenhaal in site so we took a detour off to visit Grand Central Station. Scene of many movies (and of course Gossip Girl, “Spotted at Grand Central, bags in hand: Serena van der Woodsen.”) and just an incredible building inside.

Those windows…

And if it wasn’t novel enough that they still have shoe shiners, there was acutally a couple of gentlemen using their services!

From here you can also get some views of the Chrysler Building, a beautiful art-deco skyscraper that is often mistaken for the Empire State Building. I certainly think it is more impressive.

Crossing over a couple of blocks we headed back to the Magnolia Bakery, this time to make a purchase, all so I could carry out my master plan.

I’d been dreaming of this for a long time, and no I’m not talking about the cupcake.

We headed back onto fifth avenue, do you see where I’m going with this yet…

and to the best shop in all of New York…

for breakfast.

Not quite as glamourous as Audrey, and I’m sure she wasn’t eating a cupcake but it was a dream come true!

Before we knew it we were in the Upper East Side. The there two things I love about New York. One how familiar everything feels. Having seen so much of it in movies and televisions you really feel a sense of deja vu the first time you visit. Secondly, how different areas of the city change so much even though in reality you are is a small area.

In the Upper East Side the buildings suddenly get a lot lower and everything has a more homey feel. It’s also home to some upmarket shops, and yes I am have paid a purchase in Kate Spade. It would be rude not too! Side note, I loved how friendly everyone was, even in such a big city like this.

Anyway we were getting peckish so we grabbed a little bite to eat and headed over to…

You guessed it the Met for lunch on the stairs. Now you may have worked out by know I had secretly planned a Gossip Girl tour for myself and my innocent new husband. What can I say, they feature some pretty great places!

Unfortunately it was a very warm day, too warm to sit in the exposed sunlight so we headed for the shelter of the park to eat lunch with the squirrels and the blossoms.

Central Park is such a beautiful place and both times I’ve been to New York I’m always amazed by the sheer size of it in comparison to the city. It stretches over 50 streets and spans 3 avenues. It’s pretty impossible to get around the whole thing but I had two areas I deperately wanted to visit: Bethseda terrace and a photo of the San Remo apartment block.

Done and done.

We finished the afternoon with a stroll back to the hotel to get changed for dinner. I seriously wish the Apple Health app had been around at the time – I would love to know how many steps we covered.

I’ll sum up our meals in another post but I feel it’s apt to mention where we decided to go for drinks before dinner. Jumping on the metro, we headed back up the the Upper West Side to the Columbus Circle stop. After just a couple of blocks I could see it…

Chuck Bass’s Empire Hotel, you knew it was coming right?

Unfortunately the roof bar was shut for a private event but we headed in to the bar for a cocktail (they actually have Gossip Girl themed cocktails). A perfect end to a perfect day. xoxo.

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