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Photography // Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

July 26, 2015

No food post today. I’ve been pretty busy with work and social things at the weekends that I’ve fallen a bit behind with my stock of scheduled posts. Speaking of which I was in Edinburgh this weekend for some much needed catch up with friends on Saturday night.

We went to Oh Yes Sushi in Edinburgh for some dinner. They have an all you can eat option with unlimited sushi and a hot pot – a big pot of flavoured stock in the middle of the table where you can cook your own meat, seafood, vegetables and noodles. The hot pot was an interesting idea but I must admit I always feel a little funny with these cook-it-yourself things, especially with seafood. However the sushi was amazing. There was a really good variety and everything was so fresh and tasty.

I also visited my parents and we decided to go for a walk while the weather looked reasonable. As a memorial to those who fought in the First World War, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh currently has a wild poppy meadow. Well as you can see, I was a little late for the poppies, but it was still a stunning sight to see.

The Royal Botanic Gardens is one of my favourite places to visit in Edinburgh and it’s a great location for a peaceful, Sunday stroll.

The wild flower meadow made it even more stunning. Located just in front of the Glasshouses, as we approached from the east gate, I caught a glimpse of mass of blue and yellow flowers. The scene looked like a real-life Monet painting and I wandered round the meadow, snapping every so often.

While most of the poppies were gone, you could still catch a glimpse of the odd one lurking in the sea of blue and yellow. I’ve already marked it in my calendar to make sure I head along earlier next year.

If you are in Edinburgh, I highly recommend heading to the Royal Botanic Gardens, and even more so if you can make it along in the next couple of weeks while the flowers are still in full bloom.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

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    So so beautiful!