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Salzburg from above

August 11, 2015

The city of Salzburg is flanked by two big hills, Monchsberg Rock on one side, which is home to the fortress, and Kapuzinerberg on the other. From both you can get some pretty impressive views of Salzburg.


For the lazy option, which is what we did, head to Gstattengasse where there is a lift inside the mountain read to take you to the top. This street is well worth seeing anyway as it is home to some pretty old buildings dating back to the 1400s which are built into the rock surface. It almost looks like the buildings have been there all along and the Rock has just grown around them.

A return ticket in the lift costs €3.50 however if you are planning on visiting the museum of modern art or eating in one of the restaurants up on the rock the price to go up the lift is reduced. You can also buy a one way ticket if you feel like getting the lift up and walking down or vice versa.

If you fancy walking up, head to the back of the rock to Reichenhaller Strasse where there is a street leading to some steep stairs or a slower meandering path way.

Once you are at the top you get some beautiful views over to the fortress and to the cathedral. There are many paths over the Rock and everything is well signposted. Away from the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist centre, you feel like you are lost in some forest in the middle of nowhere rather than in the middle of a tourist hotspot.

Even if you aren’t into walking I would recommend walking 500m in each direction from the museum of modern art for a slightly different view of the fortress. You can also walk along to the fortress from here. As I mentioned, we didn’t go to the fortress. Our only object would have been to get some views down into Salzburg but we definitely achieved that. It also meant we got some pretty great shots of the fortress.


On the other side of the water, head to Steingasse where you will find a set of steps leading to the top. Only walking up this one I’m afraid! The steps are well shaded and you can get to the top in about 10 minutes.

On your way up be sure to stop at the church, nestled on the edge of the cliff it is like a step back in time. Once at the top, you can follow the trail to the east which takes you right round in front of the fortress.

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