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South Kensington, London

June 9, 2015

I love London. I don’t think I could live in London but I always wish we lived closer so we could visit more. Every time we go I get so excited about wandering the beautiful streets, new exciting shops and trying some of the huge selection of eateries.

This time we were only there for the day and we just wanted to take things easy so we went for a stroll around South Kensington.

First, a little detour to Notting Hill to check out Granger & Co for breakfast. I’ve seen this popping up on blogs and Instagram a lot so it’s been on my list for a while. The Notting Hill branch (there’s another in Clerkenwell and one coming soon to Kings Cross) doesn’t accept reservations so it’s best to go early. I wasn’t sure what it would be like as it was a bank holiday but there were about a dozen people in the queue and it went very quickly. If there’s only a small group of you it should move along even quicker as it did for us when we got to jump w party of 6 waiting for a table.

The vibe is supposed to be laid back Australian but having never been to Australia I can’t compare but I will say laid back Australian is very similar to bustling British.

The food was excellent. I had the ricotta hotcakes (you can order these as a small portion) which came with banana, honeycomb butter and maple syrup. I wish I had ordered strawberries to go with as I saw someone do later.

The most amazing ricotta hot cakes from Granger & Co. And the sun is shining ☀️

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CB had the scrambled eggs and sourdough. The eggs are legendary here and I will admit they do look a bit strange but they taste so delicious.

After we took at little wander through the streets to South Kensington. We kept off the main streets to wander down all quite back streets and the pretty mews. I was still desperately trying to look for some wisteria.

We took a little detour up to The Roof Gardens, an amazing roof top garden set 7 stories above the city. The restaurant doesn’t open until 12 but you are welcome to go up for a wander around the gardens. The entrance is actually on Derry St, just off Kensington High Street, where you enter an office lobby and you will be required to sign in.

It’s so peaceful up there you almost forget you are in London.

Probably because there are flamingos just chilling out!

This part of the garden is designed round the Alhambra in Spain and after visiting there earlier I can vouch that it did feel like a little bit of Spanish paradise in London.

We wandered further towards the centre of South Kensington.

And into the heart of the South Kensington, the underground station.

The area is pedestrianised here and there are loads of delicious cafes and restaurants. We stopped for a little early afternoon pit stop in Parisian cafe La Patisserie des Reves.

Cue the typical Instagram table shot.

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I had a scrummy strawberry tart which was made with a rurbarb custard, giving it a delicious flavour. CB opted for the Cafe Gourmand, a hot drink of your choice with a selection of mini pastries, I definitely recommend this option as a way to try some of the different pastries. The favourite was definitely the Paris Brest and the mini madeleine with the most amazing praline sauce.

I’ll be heading back to London in September and so I would really love any foodie recommendations.

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