Travel guide: Kinderdijk and the windmills of Holland

One of the things Holland is famous for is of course windmills. On our last day we went for a drive around Holland to visit. This travel guide details the best places in Holland to see some traditional windmills.

There are hundreds of windmills all over Holland and the above picture was taken when we detoured off the main road into a little village. It’s definitely worth doing this to find some (but make sure you can find your way back).

However if you don’t fancy that, I have detailed below two places that are worth a visit.

The first is the Salamander windmill. While there’s nothing else at this attraction, apart from a the windmill, it’s a pretty cool looking one so it’s worth a visit. It’s located just off the A4 motorway outside The Hague.

Kinderdijk is one of the more famous places to see some windmills in Holland. It’s a system of windmills located over water in the village of Kinderdijk, just east of Rotterdam. It is very impressive, so much so it is now a UNESCO heritage site.

It’s a large area with an accessible path down to the windmills, you can also cycle part of the way. There is a little cafe on the trail and at the start there is a shop and a museum. It’s very much a tourist site and you do have to pay to park. However I would definitely say it is worth a visit for some beautiful pictures.