Travel guide: The Hague and Delft

Our last day was spent in the towns of The Hague and Deflt, both in Holland, the Netherlands. 

We went to The Hague on a Sunday and decided as it was a Sunday and the Hague is a little more modern, we would drive right into the city.  Thankfully we did as we managed to get parked very centrally on the street and for a very reasonable price.  I did research park and rides before we went and there are plenty there if you decided not to drive in.  The train station is also very centrally located.

 The Hague is famous for being the centre of the European parliament, the Binnenhof, a beautiful building sat on the water.  It is definitely a more modern city and while still very picturesque there are a lot more high street shops to wander round.  We both thought The Hague was lovely and would definitely recommend it.  

The best shop we found was the amazing Dille and Kamille, a fantastic home-ware store.  The store sells an amazing selection of cooking, gardening and home decoration products.  There is a variety of locations throughout the Netherlands.  The great thing about this store was the value for money, I bought a wide selection of goodies: a cake tester, tapas dishes, porcelain soup bowls, a mini sieve and a melon baller all for 20 euros!

Next up was Delft, I definitely think this was the most beautiful place we stopped at. 

Like many of the towns and cities we visited, while the city areas have grown the historical centres are very compact and easy to walk around.  We drove into Delft and parked in a parking lot on the Paardenmarkt – a designated parking area that like everywhere we stopped was very reasonably priced. 

Delft is famous for blue and white pottery.  I would definitely recommend picking up an item while you are here.  The main square, Markt, contains lots of shops to wander in and while some of the pieces are very expensive you can pick up some very reasonable priced pieces.  I bought a little ring dish for only 4 euros. 

Delft is covered with canals and like Ghent is nice and quiet, I recommend just wandering off the beaten track, up and down the canals. 

Before heading back on the road we stopped at a lovely little cafe Kek, they serve lovely home made cakes (we had a slice of the delicious apple pie which was topped with lovely crunchy sliced almonds) and I picked up one of their daily smoothies (apple, cucumber, ginger and spinach – lovely and refreshing).  I did notice that there was a great selection of healthy places to each in town we visited in Holland.