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Zell am See, Austria

August 25, 2015

Zell am See is a beautiful, lake side ski resort about half an hours drive from Salzburg. If you have ever seen Band of Brothers (if not, go watch it now!) it may sound familiar to you as the Grand Hotel was the base for America soliders.

After driving through beautiful little villages for days, I finally made CB pull over so I could take some pictures.

I’m really feeling the window boxes. Annoyingly our flat does not have sash windows or I would be all over this.

Zell am See is very small and so we managed to find a multi story car park really close to the main centre. Of course, we didn’t have to stop earlier as there were many beautiful window boxes on dislay here too.

It was another glorious day and so people were sitting outside in little cafes just soaking up the atmosphere.

We had a wander to get our bearings and settle on somewhere to grab a drink.

You can hire boats to take out on the lake but we had that sorted, more in a future post.

We had noticed in a few places the amount of construction going on and Zell am See was no different. As well as road works in the street, the Grand Hotel was also under renovation and so we deicded to wander further round the lake. There were a few people set back away from the water but we really wanted a better view that a hotel under construction.

As we walked away from the main area, it started to get a bit quieter. We found this cool, modern looking hotel and as soon as I caught a glimpse through the glass doors I knew I had found it.

This is where we needed to be.

Our only company was this little family of swans.

Even though there were people milling about I imagine the the summer is probably the town at it’s quietest. It’s very obviously a ski resort and so there’s not a lot to do in the summer months – hence why they take this opportunity to do any construction work needed.

So we just did what the locals were doing – drinking white wine spritzers while enjoying the view.

I could get used to this.

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  • Daisy @ Simplicity Relished

    I could definitely get used to this!

  • Justine

    So, so gorgeous!! I’ve just discovered your blog, but so far I am in love. Keep up the great work! :)

  • Emma Everleigh

    Amazing photos! Looks lovely. xxx – natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life